Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer Treatment with Photodynamic Therapy

Bladder cancer is one of the most obvious targets for PDT. Teams in the USA and Canada have already made some significant progress with patients. We want to bring this treatment to the UK. One of the advantages with PDT is the ability to precisely target the treatment.

Over the past four years the charity has received hundreds of pleas for PDT to be offered for bladder cancer, and while it would be possible to treat all these patients, there has simply not been the funding for a trial. There has recently been a ‘call’ for research teams to submit their plans to the main cancer research organisations.

We have to say that we are hugely disappointed that the result has been that the research trial is only to assess the value of the diagnostic capabilities of PDT – not the treatment. We can only hope that the situation changes. Very disappointing and, dare we say, illogical?