Oesophageal Cancer

Oesophageal Cancer Treatment with Photodynamic Therapy

For many years, oesophageal cancer has had a NICE recommendation for the palliative treatment. Now, a team in Scotland is planning to take the development of PDT for this condition one stage further, with the hope being to create a new version of the treatment that might offer real hope to oesophageal cancer patients. The hope is that the Scottish team will collaborate with Dr Laurence Lovat at UCL in London who also has some new PDT ideas.

Some patients in Scotland are living the surviving what would otherwise be a deadly cancer.

We believe that this is an important possible new development with PDT, and would offer new hope to patients who might otherwise have little hope. We urge all readers to consider donating funds for this trial. If you have a specific interest in funding this work, please email: KillingCancer.co.uk with the word 'Oesophageal' in the subject heading of your email. If you are interested in being considered for treatment, please email: KillingCancer.co.uk

These emails will be replied to periodically by Dr Fullarton’s team. It is essential that you provide outline details of the patient’s condition, allowing the medical team to offer the most helpful guidance. We wish you well.