Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Treatment with Photodynamic Therapy

The main treatment options for prostate cancer are surgery and radiotherapy, both of which may cause serious complications, particularly incontinence and impotence. PDT is one of the promising alternatives being explored which will be cheaper for the NHS, and simpler and safer for the patient. It could also be used when radiotherapy fails.

So far a small number of patients have been treated in the UK, France and North America and a much larger trial is needed to confirm PDT’s true value. It is possible that it might even become feasible for PDT to be offered as a day case treatment once the trials have been completed and data processed. The trials in the States, UK and Europe are often recruiting patients, and should you know someone who is interested please direct them to the website.

The drug is WST-11 and is marketed and distributed by Steba Biotech which has its head office in Paris. You will see case study information and patient interview video clips on this website. For more information, please email Rebecca Scott: