About Killing Cancer

Photodynamic Therapy the 3rd way to Kill cancer

PDT is really very simple, when you think about it. It’s all about finding the best way for the PDT drug to be absorbed by the cancer and the cells, and then finding the best way to shine light of precise wavelength on the tumour. The reaction caused by the light kills the cancer.

And, within reason, we can repeat this process anywhere in the body. And not just cancers. We can do the same with infections. If only we knew the right way to kill something like Ebola right now. But, I have no doubt, someone could if they thought about it.

When we receive emails from patients – and some clever ones find my phone number – I have to explain that right now, PDT is only really of use when we know where the target cells to be destroyed are.

Who We Are

Who are we? It’s really a case of ‘who is David Longman’? I am the only person who, full-time, works on the charity.

That’s doing everything from writing website copy to replying to patient emails. From hounding people in the charity world to sweet-talking celebrities to help us. From doing the banking to writing letters. Why aren’t there more of us? Well, more people cost more money, and I am more focused on getting the money in and put into the hands of the medical people to do the trials and develop the other new ideas.

There are Trustees for the charity, and I keep them informed of progress. They are a kindly bunch. In time, we need to bring in some new blood. We have had all sorts of debates about how the charity might have changed direction, and so we will need different people. Now the focus is firmly back on raising the money, and making sure we are back in the media to drive more patients to the treatment centres.

David Longman

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