Am I sane or bonkers? You decide.

Above: Punch and judy puppets

Am I sane or bonkers? You decide. I need you to read this story, and I would like you to write to me, having read it. Am I sane or am I bonkers? Just the one word reply will do.

Here’s the scenario. I approached a leading University Professor, explaining that we needed to get all the PDT people around the country – even around the world – to work together to deliver a group of new PDT trials.

Medical people are legendary for not collaborating, but instead jealously keeping their ideas close to their chests. Quite understandably, most want to appear as modern day heroes when they announce their amazing discovery to the world. [Let’s ignore, for a moment, that by sharing their idea with colleagues in the early stages, that they might have delivered the result a lot more quickly, and maybe made the revelation even more spectacular.]

Let’s get back to the conversation with the very intelligent Professor. He said that what was needed was to spend up to a year, trying to recruit a ‘Professor of PDT’. That sounded very grand indeed. “We may not find someone, but we should try,” he encouraged me. “That’s the way to do it,” he said, trying not to sound like Mr Punch.

So, he wants to spend a year trying to find someone who may not exist. Sounds like a plan.

My answer was that, rather than a Professor who, I should remind you, may not actually exist, I felt that we needed someone from the business world TODAY who is used to managing people, used to running new product development programmes, and we could search for right now. The person I had in mind might be someone who is perhaps semi-retired, has had an outrageously successful career in business, and might dedicate a few years to PDT. Better still, he or she might not want a lot of money – maybe just expenses!

“No, you can’t do that. We wouldn’t have someone like that working with us. It must be a Professor. That is the right way to do it,” my Prof man told me, sounding a lot more like an indignant Mr Punch.

Now, here’s your chance to vote. And please remember, the money that we will need to pay this person, is going to be paid for from your donations.

My route might cost us £150,000 over 10 years. And how much will the posh Professor cost over the same 10 years? £4.5m.

Vote now!! Am I bonkers or am I sane?

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