Fake PDT Clinics

Fake Photodynamic (PDT) Clinics.

Above: Looking for tumours

Let’s do something to close fake PDT clinics around the world.

This is probably the most important story that I must keep on this website. Be warned, there are people out there who are trying to con you!

There are people out there who run PDT clinics in far flung parts of the world who have never presented their wild and wacky claims of PDT success to the legitimate medical world – yet they keep claiming absurd success!

Of particular concern are the people offering Next Generation PDT in China (and maybe also Australia and Malaysia), Hope4Cancer in Mexico, and the Dove Clinic (London and Hampshire). The ‘owner’ of the latter has been investigated by the General Medical Council in the UK, and we are awaiting a verdict on the competency of the owner to keep his licence. Allow me to take you back to 2004 when I and my family were told by Victor Borisov in Russia / Salzburg that he had destroyed a tumour in my eldest daughter’s arm.

As MRI scans in the UK conducted at the BUPA hospital in Bristol showed, the tumour had actually grown in size. NHS Choices recently published a guidance notice on these clinics and the treatments, based on their own research of some of the clinics. Thank you, NHS.

NHS Guidance Notice
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