Funding a Disaster

It doesn't make any sense to me.

Above: 'loads of money!'

This charity has been invited to support a really excellent, vital new PDT trial. We’ve already funded part one and the results look very good indeed.

Now we need to find rather more money to fund the final stages of the trial.

I think we can do it, and I will be chasing this up in January.

All trials have to be passed and approved by a group of very clever people before they can be funded. It’s to check that everything is OK, and that the plans all make sense. While the actual cost of the trial is £220,000, by the time all the other costs and levies have been added, it sky-rockets the cost to over £1m.

The very clever people asked that the PDT people reduce their costs from the £220,000 because the overall costs were too expensive. “If we do that, any reduction in costs could result in the trial failing to achieve its goals,” the very clever people were told.

Despite that, they have insisted that costs are cut. This charity still wants to fund the trial, and we will still aim to find the full £220,000. To us, it makes absolutely no sense at all to spend that sort of money, and ask for penny pinching cuts in the budget that could result in the trial failing.

I think you and I would ask the people receiving a cool £800,000 from the ‘loaded’ budget to slash their charges.