Latest Fake PDT Clinic Update

Ruling from the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service on Dove Clinic. If you are still in any doubt about the validity of clinics in the UK, Mexico or anywhere else offering SPDT – Sono Dynamic Therapy – or any of the other crazy ‘new’ versions of PDT, then please look [...]

Latest PDT Update

A meeting of PDT experts from around the world, plus some of the leading medical brains in the UK, took place in July 2014. The outcome of this meeting was for outline plans to be drawn up for 13 new cancer trials with PDT. [...]

Skin Burns, Massive new opportunities

I am thrilled to announce that Dr John Lear in Manchester has agreed to bring together a Europe-wide group of dermatologists to develop a collection of a dozen new skin trials – and not just in cancer.

And what’s better, from the start date, he reckons that all the patients should have been treated on these trials within 12 months! That’s more like it! [...]

Fake PDT Clinics

Let’s do something to close fake PDT clinics around the world. This is probably the most important story that I must keep on this website. Be warned, there are people out there who are trying to con you! There are people out there who run PDT clinics in far flung parts of the world who [...]