Major Changes

Major Changes to the trials world around the corner?.

Above: Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP

We have some of the best clinical people in the world in the UK. We have some of the most loyal and dedicated health professionals. But we also have one of the most slow, tedious and ‘broken’ trials systems in the world that allows trials to take years to reach a conclusion.

After much personal lobbying to the Department of Health and two brilliant Ministers, I am thrilled to say that maybe, just maybe, things are going to change for the better! It’s easy to take a pop at politicians for what they do – or don’t do. But when it comes to Norman Lamb MP and George Freeman MP, they MUST get your votes!

They have taken the time and trouble to understand what is fundamentally wrong with the trials world. And they intend to change things, and I have been honoured to offer my help and advice. This charity has funded trials that have taken far too long to reach a conclusion. And we have funded trials that, I regret to say, have failed (by your standards and mine).

But there will be no more failures because the Ministers agree with me. There is absolutely NO reason why all patients on a medical trial should not be treated within 12 months of the start date. You just have to be organised!

In virtually all areas of cancer, there are thousands of people every year being diagnosed. So why can’t we find 100 or so patients from across the country who are suitable for inclusion on those trials?

In the New Year, I intend to publish on this website the charity’s own plans on how to revolutionise the trials system! You never know, I might even stand for Parliament on this one campaign!