Massive new opportunities in PDT dermatology being planned.

Above: Dr John Lear

Please have a look at the skin cancer section on this website for information on PDT for the treatment of the most common skin cancer (BCC) and pre cancer (AK) treatment centres. You will find over 100 local centres around the UK, but you may have to be persistent when asking to be seen by a PDT specialist.

When you are considering PDT, we think it’s important why you might opt for PDT over surgery.

The most obvious thing to say is that if the growth is on your face, you will want to d everything to minimise scars and other damage. But, if your cancer is not in a conspicuous place, than we would suggest that surgery – a straight excision – might be quicker and easier.

Where we would always advocate PDT is on the face. Surgery can result in unpleasant and un-wanted scars. Remember, please, that surgery can sever small muscles and nerves.

Good luck.