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Manchester University and Wellcome Trust to offer home for Centre.

Above: Manchester University

The charity is thrilled to announce that Manchester University and The Wellcome Trust are to provide a home base for the new National PDT Trials Centre. This is a huge step forward for us and PDT. For the first time we will have an office, staffed by bright and brilliant people who are dedicated to delivering new PDT trials.

What’s better is that they will allow us to recruit our own people to run the trials – people who are the very best and will share our ideals and beliefs. The aim is to bring in people from the business world who are not tainted by the slow processes we so often find in the health world. The plan has been made possible by Prof Ian Bruce, one of the top people in Manchester who is receptive to the plan to very quickly see the new trials developed and made available for public use.

Now we have to discuss the fund raising plans to get the first trials started.

From Manchester, they will manage all the trials right across the country and across Europe, keeping a watchful eye on what trials teams are delivering.

The Director of the Centre will be Dr John Lear.