Photodynamic Therapy Fundraising and Donations

Fundraising and Donations

There are a couple of things that I, personally, as Director of the charity, am not keen about is seeing public money used to pay for anything but the cost of the trials and treatments. That’s why I fight against trials organisations that ask us to pay for things that I know is simply opportunistic grabbing of money to fund other infrastructure projects.

That’s why, personally, I don’t pay myself a big salary. Why? Because it’ your money and not mine. It is money that you paid for doing a job of work or perhaps it’s an inheritance. Every day I ask myself who you, as a donor, might feel if we spent money on X or Y.

You’ve heard before that ‘every penny counts’. Well, it really does. It will be used to make a difference to the lives of people like you, Mums, Dads, kids and friends. For the younger ones raising money, I try to explain to them that donating money to charities like us is actually investing in their future. Do they want PDT treatments when the need perhaps arises for them?

We are very keen to design, make and sell different products to help us to raise the money we need. We are working on a couple of ideas right now.

Thank you for thinking of us. We are here to serve you, and help you to make your own dreams come true of better, safer, less harrowing therapies.